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Learn About Our Vapes!

Welcome to our Vape Education Page! Here you can learn about our different types of vape products. You can also take our survey to win free swag!

About Pioneer Valley Vapes

Like everything we do, our vapes are made in small batches from hand-selected premium flower, harvested at peak ripeness. Whether we're making live resin from fresh, flash frozen flower or cured resin from properly dried and cured flower.


We are true craft, small batch. We hand pick our flower and extract in-house which means we deliver consistently high-quality cannabis products.

Pioneer Valley Inspired Vape Line

For our Inspired vape line, we take clear, potent distillate and infuse it with the highest quality natural, botanical terpenes we can find - always plant-based, never artificial.


All terpenes are identical on the molecular level, whether from cannabis, fruits or other natural plant sources and we choose ours terps to ensure the right profile that will also pack a punch on the flavor side. 


This creates a consistent, predictable flavor profile and a high-potency experience.  The fruity flavors are also a bit more discreet as it can sometimes mask the cannabis smell when vaping.

Pioneer Valley Live Resin Vape Line

For our Live Resin vape line, we rely on the cannabis plant itself to steer the terpene and taste profile. First, we hand-pick the highest quality, fresh frozen cannabis we can find, then we extract it in our in-house lab - a delicate process that preserves the aromatic terpenes and the cannabinoid profile of the flower strain. 


This process captures and preserves the essence of the plant for a vaping experience that will allow you to really taste the nuanced flavors of the underlying strain/cultivar.  Live Resin Carts are great for anyone interested in a vaping experience that is a bit closer to dabbing

Pioneer Valley Cured Resin Vape Line

Our Cured Resin line is always made from properly dried and cured flower. This process captures/preserves and concentrates the essence of ready to smoke flower. The process of drying and curing alters the cannabinoid and terpene profile. Some terpenes only properly express themselves once the flower is dried and cured.

Cured Resin offers a more controlled and flavorful way to consume cannabinoids. Our cured resin vapes are prized for their rich flavor and aroma, which can vary depending on the specific cannabis strain used. Our curing process helps preserve and enhance these characteristics.

Which Vape Is For Me

It's really a matter of choice!  There is really no right or wrong way to enjoy cannabis - some of us like the fruity, fun, flavors of a botanical vape and some of us like the cannabis terp flavorings of a live or cured resin cart. And some of us like both!

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