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Firecrackers Mini Infused Pre-rolls
Have Arrived!

The Firecrackers Mini Infused Pre-rolls are ideal for any daily activity. They're compact, easy to carry, and perfect for enjoying both outdoors and indoors. Infused with top-tier oil and made with flavorful blends, these pre-rolls combine high-quality flower with an oil infusion for a potent and enjoyable experience. Whether you're alone or with friends, these mini pre-rolls add fun and convenience to your sessions. Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co. pre-rolls are always from full buds, never trim!  Infused with terps AND oil!



Firecrackers, just like our M-80s, are always made using whole buds, never trim!


Each firecracker is 0.7g, and consists of 75% Flower and 25% Concentrate by volume!


The Firecracker 5-pack is a full 3.5g of infused flower in the form of 5 handy pre-rolls!


Firecrackers are infused with the same natural terpene enhanced distillate that you would find in our Vape Carts & M-80s!


Our proprietary infusion method guarantees true homogenization and consistency throughout the entire batch. Other concentrate infused pre-rolls that use crumbles, diamonds, and other "dry" forms will likely have varying levels of concentrate in each pre-roll, as well as the potential for an uneven burn due to inconsistent dispersal of the added concentrate. Our method combines the flower and concentrate into one consistent material, giving you the best smoking experience!

Pioneer Valley Vape Line Up

Flavors Include:  Mango Super Silver Haze  |  Raspberry Skywalker  |  Guava OG  |  Tropical Train Wreck  | Grapeness

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Mini But Mighty


Where to Buy

You Can Find Our Products Across Dispensaries in MA.

We have partnered with top dispensaries in Massachusetts and our products are already on the shelves of cannabis retailers. We are excited and look forward to providing our future clientele with superior and delicious products! Click the button below to see all the dispensaries which are currently carrying our produts


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