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Fox Tales - True Craft Cannabis Concentrates

Like everything we do, our concentrates are made in small batches from hand-selected premium flower, harvested at peak ripeness. Whether we're making live resin from fresh, flash frozen flower or cured resin from properly dried and cured flower, it's our lab team's skill and expertise in hydrocarbon extraction and post processing that allows us to create concentrates with optimal consistency, preserving the plants true essence, aroma, terpenes and genetic profiles. This knowledge and attention to detail is what makes our concentrates truly craft.


Curated Concentrates

Wax, Shatter, Crumble, Diamonds

High-quality, small batch concentrates means we curate our end products based on the particular premium flower we're working with to ensure we bring forth the full complement of each strain's terpene and cannabinoid profile. Find our latest concentrate batch at your local dispensary.

Fox Tales Craft Concentrates

See our line of perfectly crafted concentrates


Proudly Made by Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co.

Where to Buy

You Can Find Our Products Across Dispensaries in MA.

We have partnered with top dispensaries in Massachusetts and our products are already on the shelves of cannabis retailers. We are excited and look forward to providing our future clientele with superior and delicious products! Click the button below to see all the dispensaries which are currently carrying our produts

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