Fox Tales - True Craft Cannabis Concentrates

All our products are made by hand in small batches with ingredients selected from local chocolatiers, suppliers, and growers.  We carefully formulate each concentrate to ensure high-quality, safety and consistency.  Always all-natural. Always great tasting. Never letting anything get between you and what the cannabis plant has to offer. 


Fox Tales Concentrates

Wax, Shatter, Crumble, Diamonds

Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co. products are created with the
cleanest, purest, local ingredients - from plant to product
with as little in between as possible. We hand-craft, properly
dose, and thoroughly test every product in our facility
amidst the rolling hills and rich soils of New England. Like a
fox, we are curious, always innovating and exploring new
boundaries to bring you superior products and the highest
quality cannabis experience.


Fox Tales Concentrates

Proudly Made by Pioneer Valley Cannabis Co.

Where to Buy

You Can Find Our Products Across Dispensaries in MA.

We have partnered with top dispensaries in Massachusetts and our products are already on the shelves of cannabis retailers. We are excited and look forward to providing our future clientele with superior and delicious products! Click the button below to see all the dispensaries which are currently carrying our produts