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At Pioneer Valley, we provide extraction and processing services for growers and dispensaries to produce high quality cannabis concentrates.


Our certified extractions lab produces and creates a wide variety of award-winning products. Formulated with just the right amount of terpenes and capturing all that the plant has to offer, our extracts are second to none.

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pioneer valley extract services

Our Current Extraction Products


Cannabis concentrate with a 'sugar-like' consistency, created from raw cannabis from local farmers, extracted using hydrocarbon, the 'sugar-like' consistency is attained through post-processing and agitation of the extract, Sugar is a great way to preserve terpenes for the most natural full-flavor product that is high-quality and easy-to-use.



For on-the-go vaping, Our cartridges' provide a pure and strong therapeutic effect with a mix of distillate or hydrocarbon derived extracts such as live-resin combined with terpenes and flavanoids that give the cannabis its aroma, flavor and assist in the entourage effect. Terpenes and Flavanoids are commonly lost during the distillate process but are isolated and captured to be reintroduced in our cartridges for the most true representation of the local farmers cannabis for you to enjoy.



Shatter is a brittle, breakable cannabis concentrate with a translucent golden to amber color. Shatter is made by the process of hydrocarbon extraction, which is then poured into a thin layer allowing it to fully purge during post-processing. Creating shatter results in a  high quality product that is easy to consume and dose.

pioneer valley extract services


Sauce is a terpene-rich cannabis concentrate product that has a sticky, liquid, somewhat sap-like consistency. When cannabinoids and terpenes are separated from one another during processing the cannabinoids are solid and the terpenes are watery-the watery, aromatic terpene mixture is used to create sauce. Sauce is high-quality, potent, aromatic, and flavorful. This aromatic terpene mixture is used in combination with the cannabinoids to create sauce. Sauce-is a high-quality, terpene rich extract that is one of the most flavorful representations of the cannabis plant.



Wax is an opaque, golden-colored cannabis concentrate made by manipulating raw cannabis extract into a frothy, airy, and silky consistency, or a drier, crumble, or honeycomb consistency. Wax is a high-quality cannabis concentrate that is extremely strong.



Diamonds are THCa crystals formed from cannabis extract. The solid THCa molecules crystallize from the cannabis extract eluding the liquid terpene and flavanoid fraction. The solid THC cannabis molecules separate from the liquid terpene oils and link, becoming hard and stacking together to generate the crystal look. Diamonds are a high-quality cannabis concentrate with a high potency.


Our Current Extraction Services


Vape Cartridge's

Pioneer Valley’s cold filtered extraction process allows us to produce vape oils, distillate or live resin/live rosin of the highest purity, quality, and taste. Our expertise in this field has led our team to create award winning vape oils with the highest levels of safety effect.


We are also able to produce THC vape cartridges in various strains, a diverse range of natural cannabis terpene profiles, and flavors derived from sources other than cannabis. We can realize your order in prefilled vape cartridge's or oil so your team can fill your cartridges themselves.

Bulk Distillate Oil

We understand that great cannabis products come from great oil. We take great pride in our innovative and state of the art extraction and post-processing methods. Our oil refinement and filtering produces cannabis oil distillate of the highest quality.

Our extraction lab is certified by the state and meets all required testing benchmarks to ensure safe consumption. We can provide large volumes of premium distillate oil which can produce: infused pre-rolls, vaporizers, edibles, beverages, capsules, tablets, topicals and tinctures.

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vape cartridge

Filling and Hardware Services

Pioneer Valley is equipped to fulfil all your filling and hardware needs. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise can make sure your bulk filling needs are met and made into retail ready products. We can fill vape cartridges, tincture, and syringes.

Our extensive experience in the cannabis industry gives us unique insight into the best hardware for our clients giving them quality and value while providing the best product experience for your customers.

Bulk Finished Extractions

Pioneer Valley’s objective is to serve producers and purchasers through a revolutionary extraction and finishing process that is both safe and cost-effective, while also maximizing health benefits.

We are dedicated to manufacturing the best quality concentrates possible in order to give the most gratifying and cost-effective oils available. We are able to keep the health advantages of a whole plant extract using our cutting-edge extraction, filtering, and finishing process, which means our oils contain the complete spectrum of naturally occurring THC, CBD, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

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Cannabis Extraction Service

At Pioneer Valley we pride ourselves in constantly enhancing and improving our extraction process in order to produce extracts of the highest quality.


Our award winning products are a testament to our excellence and commitment while our dedicated team ensures that our customers receive the highest quality cannabis concentrates. Our strive is towards consistentency while explroring the boudries of quality, taste and effect, in order to provide the most enjoyable and cost effective extracts on the market.

State of the Art Machinary

At Pioneer Valley we take great pride in our extraction services. We are a family owned company with close ties to the local community and local farmers. We use state of the art facilities, machinery, and equipment to constantly improve and create enjoyable products of the highest quality, taste, and safety. We craft all our products with love and a strive towards perfection.

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Interested in Our Extraction Services?

Our goal is to provide you with superior products and services. We welcome all companies to work with us! If you are interested using our extractions services please contact us using the info below and we will get back to you so we can discuss the specifics of your project. 

Alex Wharton

Director of Extraction Sciences

David Cichocki 

(860) 250 7199

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