Every product is independently tested by a third party and put through a rigorous laboratory process to ensure purity and quality. You can view test results for every product by visiting the quality section of our website.

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Flower Pen Cartridge

The Experience of Flower, the Ease of Vaping

The Flower Cartridge is not just another Cannabis cartridge. It’s unique — a total plant extract that nobody else can create. GoldStract essences capture the plant’s fullest expression, keeping Cannabis's full entourage of interacting components — the elements that make Cannabis the precious plant that it is. Flower Pen is superior quality dab jelly that has been especially created to work in a cartridge: Best effect, best taste, best aroma.


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Oil Applicator

To refill your cartridge with our wide variety of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. As with all of our concentrates, no harmful chemicals are used in growing the plant or in extraction. And nothing is added. It’s just what Mother Nature gives us.


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Dab Jelly

 Perfect for dab rigs and portable dab pens.